ore policy sup●port in cr●edit lines, la■nd use and soci■al security will● help reduce busin●ess costs. Foreign● invest

ors will b License

g-up a●nd see that all int■ellectual pro◆perty is fully◆ protected. No fo〓rced technology t●ransfer will● ever be imposed○ on foreig○n-invested e●nterprises and IPR i●nfri


ngements ◆will be pe〓nalized to◆ the full extent o●f the law," Li said○.Please sc■an the QR Cod●e to follow ◆us on InstagramPleas〓e scan the QR Co●de to follo◆w us on Wech○atHome applian■ce maker em●braces int●elligent eq●uipmentHome appli●ance maker embraces ●intelligent equip○mentHome applianc●e maker embrace●s intelligent〓 equipment03-1〓9-2018 14:18○ BJTGree, a

ma○jor Chinese■ home appli●ance maker, is ramp◆ing up efforts in in○telligent manufactur●

n〓 agri interior

ing by set●ting up unmann●ed factorie◆s and using ■industrial robots◆ in a varie■ty of produc●tion cycles, a〓s part of its■ broader pu●sh to upgra○de the country's● manuf

acturing ind●ustry."We have eigh◆t manufactu〓ring bases acr■oss the country, mo●st of which■ are unmann○ed factories. Ch●ina must master〓 core technologies t〓o grow into○ a manufacturi●ng power," Dong M〓ingzhu, chai●rwoman and pr●esident of ■Gree, said 〓on the side〓lines of the annua■l sessions of th■e National P●eople's Con■gress and the Chine〓se People's Po〓litical Consu●ltative Confe◆rence.Dong, who is ■a deputy t●o the NPC, said Gr●ee entered into t●he intellige〓nt equipment indus●try in 2013. T●he industry■ covers numerical c◆ontrol mach○ines, industrial ●robots, servo〓-manipulators, int●elligent sto◆rage equipment and

i●ntelligent detectin〓g systems."We must ■stick to i■ndependent r〓esearch and de●velopment, build■ing our own ●talent poo●l and R&D te○am, as well as ma〓stering core techno〓logy," Dong s■aid. "Only in 〓this way can we● lead the i●ndustry and the wo●rld."That's what■ we're doing for M○ade in Chi■na 2025," she sa○id, referring t●o the national plan◆ to upgrade Chinese ■manufacturing.● "Th

at's our res●ponsibility ri●ght now."T○he industrial robot●s covered by the com○pany's inte

llec◆tual property● rights have been a○pplied in weldin●g, spraying and ■transportatio●n, greatl

We sho●uld ra

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ise our in◆

y enhanci○ng productivit■y and reduces la〓bor costs, she sa●id.In an ea●rlier interview●, she said h○er company ◆would concentrate ■on robots an○d precision mach〓ine tools as pa■rt of efforts to ●upgrade and tra●nsform Chi●nese manufa●cturing, as wel◆l as provi◆ding entirely sel●f-developed high■-end equipment f■or Made in C○hin


a 2025.Gree has● independe〓ntly filed more ●than 20 patents ac■ros

s over 100 t◆ypes of automa○tion products,○ such as inte●l

ligent automatic gu●ided vehicles, in〓

dustrial robots a●nd manipula

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